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Traditional Usui Reiki Classes

& Sessions in Massachusetts & Vermont with an Angelic Touch!

The Five Usui Principles

also known as Reiki precepts... 

 Mikao Usui adopted these principles for practitioners and teachers of Reiki to follow each day. If you practice these principles and do daily self Reiki as part of your daily wellness program you will maintain a clear channel for Divine energy always. Your growth can be better than you ever imagined. 

    Just for Today...

1. Do not Worry

   (Be Worry free... - Trust that things will always work out for your highest and best! )

2. Do not Anger 

   (Be free of Anger - get rid of your anger as soon as you can by voicing it in healthy ways, talk to a friend, do self Reiki and journal your frustrations away.)

3. Be Grateful 

   (Make a gratitude list!) 

4. Do an honest days work.

   (Honesty leads to abundance and a clear mind)

5. Be kind to all living things. This means you also!

    It is suggested as part of your daily spiritual practice to place your hands in front of your heart in prayer (Gassho) and repeat these each morning to start your day and night to review your day. They are to be done without judgement of ourselves and others. Practice mindfulness by staying in each moment, for in reality we are only guaranteed this moment in time so why spend it in worry. Each moment we receive is a blessing.       

               Much peace and abundance today and always. - Marybeth