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Traditional Usui Reiki Classes

& Sessions in Massachusetts & Vermont with an Angelic Touch!

Experienced a Concussion?

Get Reiki treatment for

the best outcome.

    Concussions are big topic today.  

 For many years concussions were just something that you just had to expect would happen in contact sports or from head trauma not even related to sports. No one really talked about them and although there was protocol in place for return to activities, unfortunately not much attention was given to the long term effects of a #concussion. That is rapidly changing due to the discovery of how a head injury can have long term effects if not treated properly. The protocol is better due to research and the treatment is also.

Reiki treatment is undoubtedly the best alternative treatment you can receive for Concussion recovery. There are others which may be important to combine with Reiki if necessary. Reiki treatment is the key though. Since rest is so important to healing a #concussion, the optimum restful state that a Reiki treatment provides helps the body to reach the level of rest that is needed for healing. Along with helping your body to reach this level of relaxation symptoms like headaches, dizziness, mood changes and sensitivity to light and/or noise will start decreasing right away or if really troubling most likely after 4 sessions. These symptoms are so troubling to the concussion victim as well as their family. One client who had been receiving acupuncture, but, had not had a sustainable decrease in symptoms came to me for Reiki sessions. After 4 sessions his headaches went away, he stopped having light and noise sensitivity. He was also able to return to work after being out of work for 3 months.

When these symptoms abate then other modalities like vestibular therapy with physical therapy will work even better. As a nurse I am accustomed to cross over therapies. Utilizing my knowledge of energy healing and knowing how to assess the body for when it is ready for the next step in healing is crucial for good recovery from a concussion. Do not give up hope, you can get better!

                                                                                                       - Marybeth Lang

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