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Traditional Usui Reiki Classes

& Sessions in Massachusetts & Vermont with an Angelic Touch!

Success Stories from

formally Concussed Clients:

 " In the summer I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle. I did have my helmet on, but, this was not my first concussion. After 4 months of utilizing physical therapy and some acupuncture without lasting results. I had heard about Marybeth and her work with concussions from a friend of mine, so I contacted her. I started receiving Reiki treatments from Marybeth and the results were beyond amazing. The auditory and visual disturbances decreased almost right away and with a few more sessions I was back doing things I had done prior to my concussion. I also was able to return to my work which I was not sure when I would be able to if at all. Thank You for healing me Marybeth! "                   

                                                                                  - C. K. - Massachusetts    

"After sustaining a concussion from a severe head trauma, I suffered with ear pain, headaches, memory loss and confusion while driving. After being diagnosed with a concussion during a visit to my physician, I was informed by him to rest, take it easy and try to avoid another blow to my head. I am a Reiki practitioner myself and knew the benefits of Reiki so I contacted Marybeth Lang who was my teacher and told her what I had been through with the Concussion. She immediately started doing a Reiki treatment on me remotely and stayed in contact with me till I could come in for a hands on treatment. There is no doubt in my mind that contacting Marybeth and receiving healing from her not only reduced my symptoms especially the pain, but, helped me recover more quickly from the other symptoms of my concussion. I highly recommend Reiki treatment for recovery from a concussion. Marybeth Lang in my opinion is the best at this." 

                                                                           - Christine Lawson, Danvers Mass. 

" After suffering from a concussion for 2 years, I met Marybeth Lang at a country fair we were attending. She was offering Reiki treatment in her area of the country fair. I told her about my problems with the post concussive symptoms. She offered to do some Reiki to my head. I had been trained as a Reiki practitioner and when she asked me if I had been doing self Reiki treatment, I told her no I had not. I had even forgotten how to do that for myself. When she placed her hands on my head I cannot tell you the unbelievable relief I felt. I started to cry it was so comforting. I told her the next day at the country fair that I had slept so well and I have not felt this good since before my concussion 2 years ago. I thank God for letting me meet up with this woman. She was like an angel I needed."

 - Donna E. New York

" I had received many concussions in my life before I came to Marybeth Lang for Reiki treatment. I wanted to curb some anxiety having just started school for an advanced degree in my field and being away from home I thought having Reiki treatment would be helpful. Why did I do this? After a 4th Concussion someone suggested to my mother that I try Reiki treatment for the Concussion symptoms. I started going for Reiki treatments in the state where I was living and I was amazed, as were my parents, at how much better I got from receiving Reiki treatment. It seemed as if the symptoms I had been experiencing from former concussions were healing in addition to the ones I had from the most recent concussion. So when I moved to go to school to get an advanced degree, I looked up and found Marybeth. Little did I know that she had so much to offer in the way of Reiki and supportive care for me with concussion recovery also. I aced my first term exams and I feel that had I not found Marybeth I would not have had been able to focus so well. Reiki worked for me with my anxiety and my focusing problems. I recommend it so much. "

 -KS Vermont 

 "I had been having tiny bleeding into my eyes due to a familial eye problem for years . Because of this I became legally blind about 30 years ago I am now 65 years old. I wanted to see if Reiki could help me so I took a Reiki class with Marybeth Lang and started to do daily self reiki to myself with much attention to my eyes. Two months after starting to do self Reiki the bleeding into my eyes stopped and I no longer required injections into my eye to stop this bleeding. It was a miracle to me. I even started to have what it seemed like a veil over my eyes start to lift. I am still legally blind but will never give up wanting to see more.

Unfortunately I missed a step recently and fell backwards and hit the back of my head very hard. I did not even think that I would have developed a concussion, but, I had. As a nurse myself I know that located in the back of the brain is the Occipital lobe and this controls the eyesight. I contacted Marybeth two weeks after my fall and subsequent concussion and she chastised me for not calling her right away since she was upset that I had been experiencing deep headaches and balance problems that were disabling and causing me to become depressed. She came over to my home the next day and did a wonderful Reiki session with me and renewed my own Reiki energy to keep doing Reiki on myself. I improved. Maybe part of that was Marybeth working with me and encouraging me that I will get better that did help, but, the other benefit of the Reiki treatment is that it lifted my spirits . I also came to the realization that I had just started a medication that may have caused my balance to be off in the first place when I fell. Marybeth also got me started doing Vestibular therapy with a physical therapist which has been helpful also. It was the Reiki treatment that started me on my path to healing though."

- Linda P., Melrose Mass.

I have been treating many people for years who have experienced concussion from head trauma who have come to me for a different reason than the concussion. The bonus they found was after the session they felt much clearer neurologically and the lingering effects of a concussion had lessened so that it did not seem like such an issue anymore. You really want to try Reiki treatment for your Concussion-related injury. Many people know the benefits and you should too. Don't settle for just living with the effects of a concussion. Give your brain and your body the gift of Reiki.

We look forward to helping you!

Marybeth McKinnon Lang RN

Traditional Reiki Master


Marybeth McKinnon Lang is a member of the

Vermont Reiki Association.