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Traditional Usui Reiki Classes

& Sessions in Massachusetts & Vermont with an Angelic Touch!

Usui Shiki Ryoho

"Traditional Usui Reiki Classes"   

NOTE : NO "In person classes or sessions" are being held by me due to Covid 19 precautions. Distance Reiki is always available. We are working on Internet based Reiki healing attunements. Which will be an hour long and would include a healing attunement. I will keep this updated on this site. 

Many heartfelt blessings and adhere to the precautions please. - Marybeth

Reiki Class Testimonials ...

"My mom and I feel so blessed to have found you as our wonderful teacher for our Reiki class and attunements. Thank you so much. The two day Reiki 1 class was not only educational, but incredibly inspirational and spiritually uplifting. Thank you again." " My mom says "Thank you for the wonderful Reiki class Marybeth". She learned so much and apologies for having so many questions. I told her "Not to worry..." : ).  - Patti L. Massachusetts 

 "When I took Marybeth's class I can say I did not have a personal relationship with spirit/God. She taught me how to develop trust, and with her kind, gentle manner guided me to where I knew I needed to be with the use of Reiki empowerments. Thank you so much Marybeth I owe so much to you and your teaching." - A.S. Massachusetts 

"I love that not only did I receive superb training in the art and practice of Reiki, I can attend her monthly student clinics for continued support. She has immense knowledge of Reiki practice and implementation. Marybeth is also a nurse which was so important for me. She explained hospital Reiki practice with so much wisdom." - Pat Hansen RN,BSN Massachusetts

  "Marybeth is a gifted teacher and healer. I am so glad I took the time to learn Reiki from her. I feel so supported in my Reiki path as a result of her Traditional Reiki training and teaching she is the best!"

- Christine Lawson Massachusetts  

*To sign up for any of the following classes or to book a private Reiki session you can call 

1-781-771-7590 or email me from the contact page and I will get back to you promptly...

Informative, fun, spiritual and empowering, these classes are a complete education in Reiki. Classes are limited to a maximum of 4 students per class.

The current dates and explanations of all classes are listed below.

Summer classes are held in the Tunbridge, Vermont location .       


Reiki Classes in Tunbridge,Vermont:

(2.5 hours from Boston, Mass.)    

No in person classes or sessions are being held due to Covid 19 precautions.             

Hawayo Takata & Chujiro Hayashi

  The Traditional Usui School of Reiki

was & is the original school of Reiki to arrive in America. The Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher has a direct connection to the founder of Reiki practice, Mikao Usui, through Chujiro Hayashi & Hawayo Takata the pioneering woman who was the first person to introduce Reiki practice outside of Japan, then 34 years later noticing it was not here introduced Reiki practice to the American mainland. Prior to introducing Reiki to the U.S. mainland, she had taught Reiki classes for 35 years in Hawaii and was the only person teaching Reiki outside of Japan. The remaining original Usui Reiki Masters did not 

want Reiki to leave Japan and were adamant that Reiki was not to be shared outside of Japan. Chujiro Hayashi being a medical doctor as well as an original Master student of Mikao Usui saw the importance of having a female Reiki Master to carry on his learned Reiki tradition and to spread the healing message to the world.

Hawayo Takata referred to her classes as Traditional Usui Reiki classes.

The first 2 levels are each taught over 2 to 3 days, for example 2 days for Reiki 1 and 2 days for Reiki 2. These will often be taught over a weekend or over 3 to 4 evenings ranging from 12 to 16 hours of instruction. Because of the pureness (no ego-based added energies ) of the true Traditional Usui attunement process with its dedicated time respect for its proper steps, there is a built in protection factor for you. You will never take on your client's energy and your client will not take on yours, the only exchange will be of spiritually guided energy. I offer this information so the public will be informed as to what kind of training they are receiving. Reiki practice is universal , but, the time and attunement processes offered vary greatly from a True Traditional Reiki Class. Choose your teacher wisely and use your intuition as to what feels right for you since Reiki is the most wonderful gift you can give to yourself and others. You want to know all that you can about its application and to be initiated properly. Whether you train Traditionally or non-traditionally to Usui Reiki, we are so happy that you have decided to incorporate a Reiki practice into your life. So learn Reiki, let self-reiki be a daily part of your life and watch the miracles happen for you!

Reiki 1 Class:

Lets start at the beginning....

In my first degree class you will be attuned to Reiki over the course of 2 days or 3 evenings. This is done as Hawayo Takata taught Reiki, so that your energy system is given time to adjust to each of the 4 attunements gradually, so that it is a more permanent and effective process. As your body is assimilating the energy, in between attunements, you will learn the history of Usui Reiki and its evolvement, the 5 Usui principles with their very important spiritual lessons. You will be taught about the relationship of negative emotions and how they can cause dis-ease in the body, as well as how to begin correcting this with Reiki. A review of basic anatomy is taught, as well as learning to scan the body for weaknesses and energetic needs. The increase in energy vibration from these Reiki initiations will raise a student's consciousness level, therefore they naturally want to know what organs they are channeling Reiki to. It is not necessary for a person to know the body's anatomy to be a channel for the divine energy that flows from Reiki practice, since this divine energy has its own intelligence and travels to where it is needed in the body.

During class you will be guided through a relaxing chakra meditation. You will receive an introduction to the chakras, and learn their relation to the endocrine system of your body.

There will be ample practice time as you learn the basic as well as intuitive hand placements to give a complete Reiki session. Self Reiki, which is so important to do, is something we take time to do also in class. Handouts are provided for you to refer to as well as a beautiful certificate on completion for you to take home and frame. Reiki is simple. Even though you will learn very helpful information that you will be able to incorporate into your practice of Reiki, Reiki itself is simple.

After being properly attuned all you will need to do is place your hands on or above yourself, another person, animal or plant and the healing energy will flow from your hands for the rest of your life.

**The fee for this 2 day class is $225.00 and up to 15 contact hours are available. ** Vermont                 Reiki 1 classes are $165.00 unless it is a private class.

**For my former students to refresh Reiki 1 the cost is 75.00.

**I hold a monthly Reiki clinic in Melrose, Mass. as ongoing support for my students so that they can practice on the public as well as join in a Reiki share, where you receive Reiki from another student or myself while you are there!

Reiki 2 Class: Moving on to the Second degree... 

**In a Traditional Usui Reiki class it is suggested that you wait a minimum of 3 months between Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 to give yourself time to adjust to each level. This is just a suggestion, some may be ready to take Reiki 2 sooner. Use your intuition you already know when you will be ready to move on to the next level.

In your Second degree class you will be initiated to the next level of Reiki application which is very powerful. You will find it amazing as well as very helpful for you in every area of your life.

On Day 1, we start class by refreshing the Reiki 1 session knowledge since you will be incorporating your Reiki 2 energy into your basic Reiki 1 sessions.

You will learn 3 symbols that will be passed into your body through an attunement process by me and these symbols will:

1. Empower your Reiki channeling from 20% to 100%

2. Enable you to treat mental emotional problems

3. Enable you to do a full Reiki treatment from a distance so that you can channel Reiki to someone on the other side of room or the other side of the world. With this empowerment you will never be at a loss to help someone anywhere or at anytime.

I will also teach you a wonderful technique taught to me by my Reiki Master John Harvey Gray that will add to your Reiki session. You will learn how to use Reiki to manifest goals, how to go back in time to heal situations as well as how to send Reiki to future situations. The information you will receive is invaluable for spiritual, personal & professional reasons. That is why we suggest giving your self time between Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 so that you can work on yourself for your highest and best growth. Reiki should not be a rushed process. Take your time there is no need to rush each level and Reiki channeling becomes stronger and faster when you take the time to do self reiki each day. Hawayo Takata would say

Reiki 1 = 20 horsepower and Reiki 2 = 100 horsepower!

Note: You need to have trained with me in Reiki 1 to train in Reiki 2 also with me. Traditional Reiki training is more advanced than the 1 day classes which are offered on the internet and Reiki 2 builds upon Reiki 1. Feel free to repeat Reiki 1 with me and you can advance sooner to Reiki 2 where you will learn so much more to help you on your life's path. Please call for details. Thank you Marybeth

** The fee for this 2 day class is $ 425.00

              7.5 Contact hours are available for your Reiki 2 class.

**For my students who want to refresh Reiki 2 the fee is 150.00. 

The Traditional Usui Reiki Master Class:

 "Teaching while Growing toward your dreams and manifesting your best self..." 

When you have finished the first 2 Reiki degrees, this will be all you need to provide Reiki sessions for yourself, your family, your pets and the public if you so desire. If you are inclined to take your Reiki education further to teach Reiki and learn advanced techniques to add to your Reiki practice then this is the class for you. Although at the completion of your Master training you will have the distinction of being a Certified Traditional Usui Reiki Master, mastership is an amazing journey not a destination. The time and investment we put in to what is important to us yields greater results. When Mikao Usui initiated teachers to pass Reiki to others they were called Sensei which in Japan means teacher. When Takata initiated teachers of Reiki here in America she called it a Master level. She did not separate her classes into Master practitioner and Master Teacher neither did Mikao Usui do this. A Reiki Master Teacher or Sensei was given special training in both. I honor this process as did my Reiki Master Teacher John Harvey Gray.

The path of Traditional Usui Reiki Mastership training is at least a year's long process. I as well as many in my class were willing to dedicate the time and investment to being the best we could be, learn everything we could to give ourselves the spiritual background that is so necessary to embark on a path of mastery in Reiki. There is so much that is covered in this time honored training to enhance your self development, self esteem, learning exciting complementary energy based techniques to use with Reiki, as well as coaching and preparation to teach Traditional Reiki classes from first degree to Mastership. You will learn and become proficient at all the important Master teacher/practitioner techniques that I learned from John Harvey Gray and Lourdes Gray plus the addition of wonderful, powerful classes that I have added, to set you on the right path for fulfilling your life purpose. You will get to work closely with me so that you will feel very supported through the process of becoming a Traditional Reiki Master. We meet one weekend a month for classroom teaching with telephone check in and clinics for your support in between. It is a fun, information packed and wonderful investment in yourself and your Reiki profession. The things you will learn about Reiki as well as yourself you will carry all through your life and are priceless. If you prefer a private Master class we can go at your pace.

For more information on training to become a Traditional Usui Reiki Master in the Usui lineage from Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, John Harvey Gray and Marybeth McKinnon Lang contact me and I will be happy to guide you.

The cost of Traditional Usui Reiki Master Training is $10,000.00 this fee was set by Hawayo Takata. All of her Reiki Masters and their Reiki Masters have invested this fee as well as the education time it required for themselves and for you! An investment in your time and future, you are worth it and your students are worth you spending the time necessary on yourself to be the best teacher for them!

                  Much peace and abundance today and always. - Marybeth