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Traditional Usui Reiki Classes

& Sessions in Massachusetts & Vermont with an Angelic Touch!

 Angelic Touch Reiki

"The Divine healing touch of the Universe"

  "When you treat your energy field you treat your whole body. Giving attention to your energy field not only treats your physical body, it treats you emotionally and mentally as well. The spiritual part of your being just naturally follows, then your whole life starts to improve."                                                        

-Marybeth McKinnon Lang RN,TRM

Angelic Touch Reiki

Mikao Usui 1864-1926

  Welcome to Marybeth McKinnon Lang's website on Usui Reiki Practice. Marybeth combines her many years of Traditional Usui Reiki practice and teaching with her comprehensive medical knowledge as a nurse to provide a complete experience and education in the healing art of Reiki. Please know that your intuition will lead you to read on and learn so much about a very simple and effective approach to healing the body, mind and spirit.....

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands on healing practice that balances the body, mind and spirit as it enables the body to heal naturally. The energy from Reiki practice achieves this by stimulating the body's own innate ability to heal itself. The practice of Reiki is the safest yet most powerful form of energy healing we have to help heal ourselves physically and emotionally. #Reiki is very relaxing and is perfect for stress relief. Since stress is the number one cause of most dis-ease in the body and mind, Reiki is an easy, effective way to reduce your stress.

Reiki practice is not a religion or a religious belief, it is a spiritual practice that includes everyone and that means you too!

The term Reiki is a Japanese word when interpreted means Divinely guided life force energy or God Conscious energy. This energy is our very life force or divine spirit. Although the practice of healing the body through Reiki practice originated in Japan, in the early 1900's, the practice of healing with energy has been known for thousands of years in the eastern world.

Reiki practice came to the American mainland in the early 1970's by way of Hawayo Takata, the first female & non-fully Japanese Reiki Master. Hawayo Takata, or Takata as she liked to be called, was born on the island of Hawaii to Japanese parents. As a Traditionally Certified Master Teacher and practitioner in her lineage I am eternally grateful to this pioneering woman, whom from Chujiro Hayashi and the founder of Reiki Mikao Usui, brought Reiki out of Japan and spread this healing art to others in the world.          

Why is Reiki important? 

Since we are all energy bodies as well as physical, it is so important to enhance and protect our energy fields as well as our physical body. When illness or injury occurs, one must treat the energy field as well as the physical body to have complete wellness. This is where Reiki practice comes in, to help keep the body healthy and to help the body heal more completely when it is unwell. The Eastern physicians have known the importance of treating the energy field or the spirit body as well as the physical body for a very long time.

Western physicians are becoming aware, in increasing numbers, of how important it is to not just treat the symptoms of dis-ease in the body, but, to get to the cause of the dis-ease which begins in the energy field before it manifests in the body. I emphasize this in my Reiki classes , that Reiki has the capacity to heal on four levels spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. Reiki practice gets to the cause of the dis-ease so that it can be addressed and healed. Hawayo Takata would say to her students "Cause and effect you treat the cause and you receive the effect", effect meaning healing.

It is quite an advancement in healthcare that many hospitals are now offering Reiki to their patients. Cancer centers offer it as well to people receiving treatments since Reiki can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation as well as speed healing of injuries to the body. There has been much documentation done on the benefits of Reiki and you can read some of mine in My Journal and at Reikimedresearch.

Reiki is now an accepted form of nursing practice in the hospital setting. I have been promoting Reiki in hospitals for years and am so pleased to have been able to get Reiki noticed and started in hospitals in Massachusetts & Vermont. Nurses and Doctors should all be properly trained in Reiki since not only can they help their patients more, most importantly they can perform self-Reiki and benefit from the stress relief themselves. When being a channel for Reiki the practitioner receives Reiki since it is passing through them as it makes its way to the clients cells. I always feel better after being a conduit for Reiki it is such a gift to us.

How does a Reiki session work?

When you arrive for your Reiki session, if you haven't already shared your information with me, I will ask why you have come for a Reiki treatment. The confidential information you share helps to guide me on how to best help you during your session. When the initial sharing of information is completed you will then be assisted to lie on the Reiki table, with pillows for comfort and a blanket if needed.

While relaxing comfortably on the Reiki table, I will place my hands gently on or above specific as well as intuitive, areas of your body. As my hands connect energetically with your body, via this light touch, a feeling of relaxation and well being occurs. This feeling of peace comes from the Reiki treatment stimulating the relaxation response as the divine energy goes to work healing you on four levels physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. You are in control of the amount of energy you want to receive during your session. Usui Reiki practice is safe for anyone, has its own divine intelligence and is completely for your benefit. Reiki can be done hands on or off the body and works as well both ways. Since Reiki is not massage no removal of clothing is ever required. So one could receive a treatment during a lunch break and return to work renewed. It is not uncommon for someone to nap or deeply sleep and sometimes snore ( which is actually a compliment to the practitioner!) when receiving the nurturing, balancing energy that is transferred during a Reiki session.

Though it is not necessary for the practitioner to be aware of disease processes in the body for Reiki to work, since Reiki does the work, it is beneficial to have Reiki done by someone who is aware of the anatomy of the body as well as the impact of negative emotions on the body, since they may be able to offer more to your session. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose or prescribe, but, they may offer appropriate guidance if requested by the client. Reiki is not a substitute for when medical intervention is required, it is important to continue Reiki as part of any treatment regimen you require since Reiki increases the benefits of other interventions. Increase your water intake after receiving Reiki since this helps to flush out and rid your body of toxins that have been released from the cells. This is important to do when receiving most energy based alternative healing.

I am grateful as a nurse to have alternative ways to heal the body. The body is such an incredible machine with its own natural healing properties. This is greatly enhanced with regular Reiki sessions or by daily self treatment if you have received the Reiki initiations by a qualified Reiki Master teacher.              

One hour Reiki session $75.00

90 minute Reiki session $110.

15 % discount for seniors. 

Reiki & Animals:

I have a home in an agricultural area in Vermont. This beautiful town is filled with all kinds of animals like horses, cows, sheep, goats, cats, dogs and chickens to name a few. Reiki can be done on animals as well, with the same beneficial results as when

done on humans. I have done Reiki on all the above mentioned animals with great results. In the picture I am giving Reiki to a new mother and her puppies. 10 hours prior to the birth I had the opportunity to perform Reiki on this beautiful expectant Weimaraner whose owner was getting anxious about why she hadn't delivered as yet. Less than 10 hours after receiving Reiki her contractions started. When the last pup had popped out 9 healthy beautiful puppies had been born!

You can have me come to work on your pet or you can take a Reiki class with me and I will show you how to work on you as well as the rest of your family!

Marybeth McKinnon Lang, is a Registered nurse and a Traditional Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner. She trained extensively with John Harvey Gray and graduated from The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki healing as a Master Teacher and Practitioner in 2003 after her training with John, who was assisted by his wife Lourdes. She has been a Reiki therapist since 1999 and is a member of the Vermont Reiki Association. With locations in Massachusetts & Vermont it would be her honor to introduce you to this wonderful healing energy with an Angelic Touch!

Tribute to John Harvey Gray:

4/10/1917 to 1/12/2011

My Traditional Reiki Master Teacher and Reiki friend John Harvey Gray passed from this earth on January 12th, 2011 at the age of 93. John, I thank you for all the teachings & Reiki initiations that you have passed on to me and many others. Your dedication to spreading the word of Reiki to this world has helped countless and will continue... I know that you are watching over all of your initiated Master teachers, practitioners and countless students as we continue your work. We love you John and I can feel your presence as I continue this divine work you gave a huge part of your life to.    

Peace & Love, Marybeth  

Marybeth McKinnon Lang RN

Angelic Touch Reiki